Winter Activities

Image result for columbus zoo lightsFamily activities can be fun and crazy at the same time. Finding things to do is probably the hardest thing for my family. This post is going to consist of different places that are outdoors that I would recommend. Now since the winter is approaching not very many people want to get out so hopefully some of these choices might change your mind.
The very first place which is my personal favorite is the zoo. The zoo in Powell Ohio lights it up in 1,000’s of lights. As you walk around you see all the different kinds of animals that are still out and also get to look at Christmas lights. This is such a fun family activity to go out and do. Growing up we went to the zoo for the lights at least once a year and I tell you, it is one I will never want to stop doing.
Ice skating is defiantly another one on my list. Now ice skating can be done either outdoors or in some cases, some places have it indoors such as ” The Chiller”.  The best thing I can tell you to do is practice makes perfect and even if you struggle just keep trying again!
The last one I will be talking about is snow-tubing! Snow tubing is so much fun and definitely a place to make memories. The best place in Ohio is Mad River Mountain. Its located in Zanesfield Ohio and is just so much fun! I truly think these are great and fun outdoor activities for all ages!


Hunting season

Image result for hunting deer in forestNow as we all know deer hunting season has just started. Deer archery started September 30th and will continue until February of 2018. And then deer gun will start November 27th. Now my family was never really big on hunting but in about 2015 we started showing a real strong interest.
My dad faced a lot of health issues and we just never know what tomorrow holds. In 2015 my dad went in for a check-up because he would be getting a kidney transplant here shortly. During his check-up, the doctors discovered his heart problem. He would need surgery quickly. Thankfully he made it through his surgery. The recovery was probably the hardest thing for him to get through.
During this hardship and point in his life, he realized his time was short and we should spend it doing the things we love with the people with love. Growing up he always wanted to go hunting but he would just always put it off and never go. He finally went out and bought himself and us kids bows to go hunting together.
Now of course when you go hunting the most important thing is the location. Some of our personal favorites are Dillon state park and hocking hills. We love spending time out in the forest and finding deer. Although you have to be very quiet when you go out it’s all worth it. Like waking up early just to get the best spot. Anyone that knows me knows I am nowhere near a morning person but when it comes to hunting I am ready to go!

Your Next Family Activity

img_0319What kind of family activities do you and your family plan? Whether it was when you were younger or even now.  As we all continue to get older we begin to fall away from spending time with our families. Many of us are old enough to have a job by now and this definitely a hindrance for me. Working is defiantly a great thing because it teaches you responsibility and it prepares you for the real world.

Now I work 4 days a week and 2 days out of the week that I have off I go to church with my family. Then the one day I have off I try to plan my days to spend time with my family. Whether this is going out for dinner or going out and doing something. Our favorite activity to do together especially during summer is going kayaking or canoeing. Now for those of you, that know, canoeing is a lot easier than kayaking depending on who you are and the type of kayak you have.

When you have a kayak it’s pretty much a smaller version of a canoe and you paddle yourself. When you go canoeing, it’s 2 of you paddling which can be difficult if you and your partner don’t work together. Whether you’re out by yourself or with your family it’s just so calming and peaceful to be surrounded by water. If you go with your family and friends it just makes the journey much better and a lot more fun! So if your friends or parents ask what y’all should go out and do I gladly recommend mentioning going kayaking or canoeing.

Little Fishergirl

cropped-fullsizerender-e15059222844921.jpgRemember running to go get your tackle box and fishing pole with your dad? I do. I remember him asking if we wanted to sleep in or go out and catch some fish. Now everyone always says girls are supposed to love makeup and go out with friends and wear high heels and so on and so on. That’s not always the case. Just because men go fishing, it doesn’t mean women can’t do the same exact thing!
There were 7 of us kids and being the 6th I always wanted to do what the older kids were doing. My brothers and older sister always got to go with my dad and me and my younger siblings had to stay back because we were “too young”. That never stopped us though. My mom would take us in the backyard with our baby poles and the baby pool and pretend like we were fishing. Who doesn’t love a mom like that!
When we turned 12 my dad decided we were old enough to start going out with them. Getting to put the worms on the hook was the most fun for me. After sitting there for over an hour I just wanted to give up. In my backyard, the fake fish would already be caught by now. Finally, I would catch my first baby catfish.
Fishing is such a good family experience and whether you catch a fish or not, it’s that bonding time you have. Just sitting by the water hearing the fish flop around is just another memory that takes me back to my childhood.

What’s good for the soul?

horseWhat’s your home away from home? Now many of you might say you don’t have one but in reality, we all do. At the home you live in you are comfortable and it means more to you than some random person walking down the street. Now when I think of my home away from home, I think of myself going horseback riding.
Horses are some of the most beautiful kinds of creatures God ever created. Although many people are frightened by the size of them, Don’t be! Horses are some of the kindest and gentleness animals you will ever come in contact with. Horses are just like people. All they want is love and care.
As you saddle up on your horse and ride around it feels as if it’s just you, nature and your horse. All you do is ride and think about life. Personally for myself, so much runs through my mind. Horseback riding is also another way for me to de-stress. When I have a lot going through my mind the first thing I wanna do is get it off and forget all about it. Horseback riding does that for me.
Nowadays many people help try and find solutions to unhappiness. Although people try to come up with what they think will work, you have to find that out yourself. Horseback is just so therapeutic and is very beneficial for people of all ages. So if you have never gone horseback riding, I highly recommend it! Maybe this will become your home away from home because everyone needs one.

Take a Hike

hikingWhy do people hike? Why do people want to go out and walk in the woods for hours on their free time? Do you people actually find it fun? Surprisingly yes! I am one guilty of this. All you have around you are, trees, birds chirping, and occasionally you’ll get a deer that runs past. The sounds of cars honking their horns, or loud busy traffic passing through is no longer in sight. It’s you and nature. Although when someone says do you want to go on a 2-mile hike you know for sure you aren’t gonna go that far! But honestly, when you start walking you don’t even realize how far and how long you’ve been walking!

It has been proven that hiking makes you happy and healthier! Go hiking for an hour burns at least 500 calories! It also helps lower blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Not only are you getting to explore nature but you are getting your body in shape and staying healthy! It is also very good for your body because it helps decrease stress.

Being out in nature helps us get away from all the problems in the world. When we go through obstacles in life all we wanna do is run away from them. By going out in nature all alone you kinda can. It is a way of reconnecting with ourselves and nature just brings us a sense of peace. It is also a proven fact that people battling with depression should go hiking because it helps them think and gets them alone so it’s just them and God’s beautiful creation.