Take a Hike

hikingWhy do people hike? Why do people want to go out and walk in the woods for hours on their free time? Do you people actually find it fun? Surprisingly yes! I am one guilty of this. All you have around you are, trees, birds chirping, and occasionally you’ll get a deer that runs past. The sounds of cars honking their horns, or loud busy traffic passing through is no longer in sight. It’s you and nature. Although when someone says do you want to go on a 2-mile hike you know for sure you aren’t gonna go that far! But honestly, when you start walking you don’t even realize how far and how long you’ve been walking!

It has been proven that hiking makes you happy and healthier! Go hiking for an hour burns at least 500 calories! It also helps lower blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Not only are you getting to explore nature but you are getting your body in shape and staying healthy! It is also very good for your body because it helps decrease stress.

Being out in nature helps us get away from all the problems in the world. When we go through obstacles in life all we wanna do is run away from them. By going out in nature all alone you kinda can. It is a way of reconnecting with ourselves and nature just brings us a sense of peace. It is also a proven fact that people battling with depression should go hiking because it helps them think and gets them alone so it’s just them and God’s beautiful creation.


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