What’s good for the soul?

horseWhat’s your home away from home? Now many of you might say you don’t have one but in reality, we all do. At the home you live in you are comfortable and it means more to you than some random person walking down the street. Now when I think of my home away from home, I think of myself going horseback riding.
Horses are some of the most beautiful kinds of creatures God ever created. Although many people are frightened by the size of them, Don’t be! Horses are some of the kindest and gentleness animals you will ever come in contact with. Horses are just like people. All they want is love and care.
As you saddle up on your horse and ride around it feels as if it’s just you, nature and your horse. All you do is ride and think about life. Personally for myself, so much runs through my mind. Horseback riding is also another way for me to de-stress. When I have a lot going through my mind the first thing I wanna do is get it off and forget all about it. Horseback riding does that for me.
Nowadays many people help try and find solutions to unhappiness. Although people try to come up with what they think will work, you have to find that out yourself. Horseback is just so therapeutic and is very beneficial for people of all ages. So if you have never gone horseback riding, I highly recommend it! Maybe this will become your home away from home because everyone needs one.


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