Little Fishergirl

cropped-fullsizerender-e15059222844921.jpgRemember running to go get your tackle box and fishing pole with your dad? I do. I remember him asking if we wanted to sleep in or go out and catch some fish. Now everyone always says girls are supposed to love makeup and go out with friends and wear high heels and so on and so on. That’s not always the case. Just because men go fishing, it doesn’t mean women can’t do the same exact thing!
There were 7 of us kids and being the 6th I always wanted to do what the older kids were doing. My brothers and older sister always got to go with my dad and me and my younger siblings had to stay back because we were “too young”. That never stopped us though. My mom would take us in the backyard with our baby poles and the baby pool and pretend like we were fishing. Who doesn’t love a mom like that!
When we turned 12 my dad decided we were old enough to start going out with them. Getting to put the worms on the hook was the most fun for me. After sitting there for over an hour I just wanted to give up. In my backyard, the fake fish would already be caught by now. Finally, I would catch my first baby catfish.
Fishing is such a good family experience and whether you catch a fish or not, it’s that bonding time you have. Just sitting by the water hearing the fish flop around is just another memory that takes me back to my childhood.


3 thoughts on “Little Fishergirl

  1. I love how there are basically two deep meanings throughout this blog post. The first one is about how women can do the same thing men do and should be able to do it without judgement. So a woman should be able to go fishing rather than going to the bathroom and doing her makeup, and she should be able to do it without people saying, ¨that is not what women do.¨ The second one is about how something just as simple as fishing is a good way for you and your family to bond and make memories. This post speaks the truth.

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  2. I have fishing memories like this as well. It can teach one patience at at a young age and is always something you can go out and do. I agree that it creates bonds with people, for every time I go fishing with someone new we become fast friends.

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