Your Next Family Activity

img_0319What kind of family activities do you and your family plan? Whether it was when you were younger or even now.  As we all continue to get older we begin to fall away from spending time with our families. Many of us are old enough to have a job by now and this definitely a hindrance for me. Working is defiantly a great thing because it teaches you responsibility and it prepares you for the real world.

Now I work 4 days a week and 2 days out of the week that I have off I go to church with my family. Then the one day I have off I try to plan my days to spend time with my family. Whether this is going out for dinner or going out and doing something. Our favorite activity to do together especially during summer is going kayaking or canoeing. Now for those of you, that know, canoeing is a lot easier than kayaking depending on who you are and the type of kayak you have.

When you have a kayak it’s pretty much a smaller version of a canoe and you paddle yourself. When you go canoeing, it’s 2 of you paddling which can be difficult if you and your partner don’t work together. Whether you’re out by yourself or with your family it’s just so calming and peaceful to be surrounded by water. If you go with your family and friends it just makes the journey much better and a lot more fun! So if your friends or parents ask what y’all should go out and do I gladly recommend mentioning going kayaking or canoeing.


One thought on “Your Next Family Activity

  1. Although I’m not entirely sure how that fits the fishing category, I do enjoy canoeing and found it very relaxing. I find it amazing that it doesn’t feel like seven miles at the end of it. Also, I understand where you are coming from on the family note, I work six days a week and the other I typically spend on projects for school, between that and my family’s schedules I see them probably once or twice a week.


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