Hunting season

Image result for hunting deer in forestNow as we all know deer hunting season has just started. Deer archery started September 30th and will continue until February of 2018. And then deer gun will start November 27th. Now my family was never really big on hunting but in about 2015 we started showing a real strong interest.
My dad faced a lot of health issues and we just never know what tomorrow holds. In 2015 my dad went in for a check-up because he would be getting a kidney transplant here shortly. During his check-up, the doctors discovered his heart problem. He would need surgery quickly. Thankfully he made it through his surgery. The recovery was probably the hardest thing for him to get through.
During this hardship and point in his life, he realized his time was short and we should spend it doing the things we love with the people with love. Growing up he always wanted to go hunting but he would just always put it off and never go. He finally went out and bought himself and us kids bows to go hunting together.
Now of course when you go hunting the most important thing is the location. Some of our personal favorites are Dillon state park and hocking hills. We love spending time out in the forest and finding deer. Although you have to be very quiet when you go out it’s all worth it. Like waking up early just to get the best spot. Anyone that knows me knows I am nowhere near a morning person but when it comes to hunting I am ready to go!


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