Winter Activities

Image result for columbus zoo lightsFamily activities can be fun and crazy at the same time. Finding things to do is probably the hardest thing for my family. This post is going to consist of different places that are outdoors that I would recommend. Now since the winter is approaching not very many people want to get out so hopefully some of these choices might change your mind.
The very first place which is my personal favorite is the zoo. The zoo in Powell Ohio lights it up in 1,000’s of lights. As you walk around you see all the different kinds of animals that are still out and also get to look at Christmas lights. This is such a fun family activity to go out and do. Growing up we went to the zoo for the lights at least once a year and I tell you, it is one I will never want to stop doing.
Ice skating is defiantly another one on my list. Now ice skating can be done either outdoors or in some cases, some places have it indoors such as ” The Chiller”.  The best thing I can tell you to do is practice makes perfect and even if you struggle just keep trying again!
The last one I will be talking about is snow-tubing! Snow tubing is so much fun and definitely a place to make memories. The best place in Ohio is Mad River Mountain. Its located in Zanesfield Ohio and is just so much fun! I truly think these are great and fun outdoor activities for all ages!


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