Ice Fishing

Related imageHave you ever thought about going ice fishing? Well, I’m sure now that you’ve clicked on this post you are! For those of who are not familiar, ice fishing is the practice of catching fish through an open hole of ice on a lake or pond.  Many people think they have to wait for the sun to come out in order to begin fishing but you really don’t have to!!
When you go, typically you want to make sure the ice is at least 4 inches. Still being this thick you want to take precaution. You want to make sure you dress warmly because obviously, it will be very cold. Gloves are highly recommended because it is not uncommon to get frostbite. This is also with warm waterproof boots. Making sure you have the right equipment is very important to make sure you have a successful trip and just make sure to have fun most of all!
Now the big question is, where at? Lakes and ponds are highly recommended instead of little rivers and things like that. Some areas are definitely better than others and if you are successful catching them when the lake is frozen then you know it should be plentiful when it isn’t. My boyfriend and his family are pretty big on it and honestly, it is so much fun when you get all the family together to do something out of the ordinary. Not many people are into this but it is definitely something I would recommend!


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