Image result for campingWho else used to love the times when your parents would say, “pack up your bags, we’re going camping!” Those were the moments I would love to hear. Whether we were going to stay in a camper or in a tent, none of it mattered as long as we were with our friends or family. A lot of the kids nowadays don’t even know the amount of fun you have when you go camping!
Late nights you would stay up sitting by the fire or listening to the crickets chirp at night, or just talking so much until your parents beside you told you to be quiet. I remember the days we would go camping and it was like we would go to bed so late just because we wanted to talk and have fun and then, in the morning, we would wake up so refreshed ready to start doing things right when we woke up. Most of the time our family would stay at different campgrounds that had many activities for you and your family to do! Our favorite getaway is campground KOA off of 37 near Buckeye Lake in Ohio! Here they have cabins to stay in, campgrounds for tents and places for you to put your RV.
This place has so many amenities to satisfy your needs and make your stay wonderful! They have a pool that is open to you, a game room, golf course, wifi, a mini shop, propane, wifi and so much more! Whether you stay in a tent, cabin or RV, you’ll still manage to have tons of fun especially if you go to this location. The sweet thing about this place is that they always have fun activities going on! You will not be disappointed staying here!


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