Beautiful Sunrise/Sunset

img_1561.pngThe outdoors is the perfect setting for that perfect picture. No matter where you are and when the sun is setting you can’t help but pull your phone or camera out! Or maybe it’s just me. I am such a, “I have to take a picture” kind of person no matter who I’m around. Regardless of who you are, every single one of us has seen that beautifulĀ sunset or sunrise and all we think to ourselves is, “how beautiful or that’s so pretty.” Majority of peoples reaction is to get the camera out!
For all of us helpless romantics, we just can’t help but have that perfect sunset for the perfect date and picture. Having that setting just takes your breath away. When I wake up in the mornings I’m not always the sweetest person just because I am not a morning person whatsoever. As I start my day off driving to school, I see that beautiful sunrise and all the sudden it puts me in a better mood. It’s just something where you can’t help but think how God made that and just how he continues to share this beauty with us. The greatest thing about the sun is that the sunset and sunrise colors are always changing over time and producing all these colors. My favorite colors are when they are very red but has the tint of that blue sky in it and especially when it’s reflecting off the water. The best spots to take the best sunrise and sunset pictures is somewhere out in the country, around the water or simply wherever you think! Take these beautiful pictures and share them with others because everyone loves to see what you’ve captured!


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