The Great Outdoors

img_0316Many children nowadays spend most of their time on their cell phones, computers and ipads and just so much more. Although this is not good for many different reasons there are alternatives to help get kids moving. Being outdoors is honestly the best thing for kids no matter what kind of age! Growing up all I ever wanted to do was gather up all my cousins and go play outside! Now that I am 18 and graduating and working all the time I don’t always have the time to do these things. When your younger all you ever want to do is play outside with your friends, find things to do to get you out of chores and just so much more. As for myself whenever my family asked what we wanted to do all of us would ask to go to the park or just something that had to do with the outdoors. Being outdoors is really good for not only the physical body but spiritually. It’s so refreshing to just get outside in the sun and just enjoy that time out in the open and the great outdoors. When your outside there is limitless things for you to do! Now that we are grown adults and growing to be, we would love to spend time outside rather than being trapped inside and working. Working and going school you tend to miss a lot of the fun activities that are going on outside in all the beautiful weather! I guess the moral of the story is, enjoy being a kid and get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!


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