Hocking Hills

Image result for hocking hills old man caveMost of the time when you make suggestions to people for different things whether it is the gym you go to, best restaurants,  bakery, coffee shop, book, computer, shoe brand etc, most of the time they will always ask you which is your favorite. When it comes to hiking my number one place to recommend to others is hocking hills! Hocking Hills is in Ohio and here they have all different things for people to do!
Here at Hocking Hills, you can go exploring so many different areas around! They have beautiful waterfalls and caves which are my absolute favorite. You can stay in cabins they have there, go camping, go canoeing or kayaking, and ride zip lines! The best cave to hike around is “Old Mans Cave”. It is a six-mile course which is really long but when you begin walking and seeing all the senary it doesn’t even feel that long! The best day to go on is a warm cool day when the sun is shinning especially if there is water around. Just having the sun reflect off the water, it looks so beautiful.  Staying in the cabins is also one of the best experiences that you could have. Getting to walk around and explore and then go to bed in a nice cabin and then get back up and do it all again. They also have a cave that is called “Ash Cave” and that one is a lot of fun as well! These destinations are so much fun but they are the most fun when you’re with family and friends! Get out and take a walk around Hocking Hills!


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